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What brings the WOW FACTOR to any event?
The person
hosting it!

Engagement Specialists are, first and foremost, engaging. Jodie, of Jodie Sullivan Productions, is the kind of person other people like having around.

She is a people pleaser who, just like Tom Sawyer,

can get other people to paint the fence and enjoy doing the work.

Jodie's rare talent is the feeling she can generate in others. Even in strangers.

As a host or Emcee, she resonates with her audience through humor, engagement, and

effortless delivery. She has the ability to influence the experience of your audience.

Quick witted and keenly intuitive of her audience, she is known to change

the momentum and energy of a crowd in an instant.

Creative and quick on her feet,

there is no thinking outside the box, because to Jodie,

the box simply does not exist!

What  her clients say...

“Jodie is one of the few people that I have met that always has a smile on her face and is so willing to help others. She has a creative mind and is willing to go outside the box to find bigger and better ways to make a better tomorrow for our community. Jodie has a real love for people and always makes you feel welcome in everything that she does. Jodie will succeed in her next adventures in life because she has a true heart for adventure and love for her work! I am glad and proud to call her my friend!”

Cindy Bray 
Executive Director
Hope Services, Inc.

“Jodie has all the qualities you would hope to find in someone who would be working in a public facing role. She loves meeting people and can talk easily with anyone. She is honest, ethical, hardworking, and enthusiastic. She has great ideas and the ability to turn them into reality. But the most important thing about Jodie is her ability to engage people at events so that they truly enjoy the event. She has a unique ability to make sure people feel good and leave with a feeling that they'd want to come

to another event she

is involved with.”

Alison Lucien - Realtor®
President-Elect Nominee Rotary Club of
Wesley Chapel

“Jodie has always shown the necessary integrity and professionalism that an event may require. She also brings a bright, fun, inventive, witty and very smart repertoire to all of the events she leads. Some would say Jodie thinks outside the box, I would say she bypassed the box all together and has found her comfort zone in making sure that all of her events are unforgettable. Her talent as an MC comes across very natural, giving venues the peace of mind that all segments will be addressed and all in attendance entertained.”

Rick Soriano
President and CEO
HR Benefits Group Corp. dba Soriano Insurance Services

“I’ve only known Jodie for a short time, but I met her through a local service organization and without actually knowing her, she was the reason I joined the organization. She has the uncanny ability to make an entire room feel like she’s speaking to just them. She’s fun, energetic, and philanthropic, and she inspires people to jump on board with her in any adventure. You can usually find her planning or participating in an event that gives back to the community or to those less fortunate. She is definitely someone that you want

on your team!”

Missy Laporte
Vice President
Commercial Relationship Manager

“For years I have watched Jodie plan and organize successful events for our local service organization. She is creative, organized and one of the most energized people I know. She knows what it takes to run a successful event because she has done it on many occasions.”

Chris Casella

“Jodie is awesome and I trust her immensely! She is involved in the community and gives back to several charitable organizations. She is honest and trustworthy. Jodie is also fun and energetic so she will probably make you laugh too! She has a vast amount of experience in event planning and social events. She has managed and run many high profile community events, plus all of the private events with her previous business. You won't be disappointed, Jodie is a powerhouse!”

Kelly Mothershead

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